How do I enable Doc Switcher?

  • I have recently upgraded from v6.9.2 and was using Doc Switcher. Now that I have v7.3.3 I can’t find this feature. What step do I need to do to turn this feature back on?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Settings, Preferences, General, “Document List Panel”, check Show

  • Awesome, thank you. Now how do I make it show on the Right side vs. the Left?

  • @Larry-Byrum

    Left-click and drag (to the right-hand side of the Notepad++ main window) the “title bar” of that panel (the colored part where it says “Doc Switcher”). When a rectangle outline appears in the place you want it on the right, release the drag by letting up on the left mouse button. Bonus: double-clicking same will create a floating window; another double-click will dock it again. [It had been so long since I did any of that to my setup, I had to try it to describe it properly!]

  • Thank you once again. It didn’t want to move the first time I tried that after enabling it. Worked after I closed the Doc Switcher and had it display again.

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