Can plugins modify built in FindReplaceDlg ?

  • Hi everyone.

    Thanks to Don & all contributers - I’ve really taken a liking to npp - Nice and quick editor and the 7.4.2 version resolved my one major niggle by allowing the Find dialog to resize horizontally :)

    I am also impressed with the clean design & implementation… I’ve not touched C++ since the 80s, but in a few hours managed to hack a custom Find in File dialog that lets me quickly search different folders:

    Of course now I will need to re-build each time I want to upgrade to the latest npp version… so I was wondering if a plugin could modify/override/inherit the built in FindReplaceDlg as shown above?

    The requirement is to avoid having to open the Directory Combobox dropdown whilst maintaining separate histories for my current 3-4 projects.


  • @Indigo-Gull

    in theory yes, a plugin can modify the dialog once get the window handle using
    native win32 api calls.

    About inheritance, from what I understand you cannot inherit/override the find/replace class
    but I’m not really a c++ developer so it might be that there is a way to do it.


  • Thanks Claudia - will investigate further.

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