New install - No new plugins available

  • I just installed Notepad++ for the first time. v7.4.2 x86 on Windows 7 x64. I picked x86 because the download page says “Note that the most of plugins (including Plugin Manager) are not yet available in x64”. I’ve seen screenshots that show a lot of plugins listed under the Plugin Manager Available tab, but all mine shows is “No new plugins available”.

  • @Pascal666

    in order to get the list of plugins, the plugin manager connects to a server and downloads
    the list of files. So make sure you do have a network connection and give it a try multiple times
    as it might be possible that the server itself isn’t reachable or busy at the moment.


  • I do not see a refresh button, but I loaded it multiple times with no change. Networking is working fine for everything else.

    AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\plugins\config\ was 0 bytes. I overwrote it with PluginManagerPlugins.* from another installation and restarted. It then recommended the PluginManager upgrade and now appears to be working correctly.

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