functionList problems

  • Hi Everybuddy!

    I want to use function list panel to web programming projects. It works fine with php but doesn’t work with js (javascript). If in a php file is a js section (between the <script…></script> tag) it listing the function()s fine, but in a .js file it doesn’t work. If I change the language of a .js file from javascript to php, it works too. I checked the functionList.xml and it seems good. There is a javascript parser and looks good. However i tried to change it with the content of the php parser, but it didn’t work too. So i can’t imagine what is the problem.
    I need this feature because i use often functions in javascript. So it would be a great help for me if anybody help to solve this probleme.



  • See my answer here.

  • This is very good! Many thanks!
    I tried a similar solution, but i wrote it to the ‘javascript_function’ parser with id=58, because the comment line at start of the file says: “Don’t use L_JS (19) use L_JAVASCRIPT (58) instead!”
    So thanks again! It works now.


    ps.: Sorry for i started a new thread, but my notepad++ is a newer version and i didn’t check all of the older threads.

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