Document Monitor Stability

  • I am a big fan of the Document Monitor plugin. However every time I update Notepad++ it tells me that it’s automatically removed the plugin due to stability issues. I have never experienced stability issues and noted tonight that the stability status in the plugin manager is listed as Good.

    Its pretty annoying to have to install it every time, so I thought I’d ask if removing this plugin as unstable could be a mistake?

  • I’ve had the exact same problem with the DSpell plugin for the last several notepad++ updates. Notepad++ setup always says that this plugin is being disabled due to stability issues, but then the plugin manager always shows it’s stability status as “Good”

    I’m thinking that there is either a problem (bug) with the installer in this regard, or those who are supposed to be vetting the status of plugin stability for these Notepad++ release updates are doing something wrong.

    Is it possible that this can be looked at as a possible bug in the Notepad++ installer? (If this should be moved to another forum, please let me know)

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