How to zoom in on white space symbols

  • I need the tiny black dots in this image (which are white space symbols) to be larger.

    link text

    holding down Ctrl + Scroll only makes the text bigger. not the symbols.

  • @Joseph-M-Cutcher-III

    One way to make this whitespace symbol bigger is to use a scripting language plugin
    for example python script and use the funtion setWhitespaceSize from the editor object.
    Python example

    editor.setWhitespaceSize(4)  # 2 is the default

    This function called from a bufferactivated callback could do what you want to have.


  • @Claudia-Frank

    This function called from a bufferactivated callback

    Hi Claudia, I’m confused by that final part of your response as the OP didn’t ask to do this differently for different files/types. For myself, I just .setWhitespaceSize() once in my and it works forevermore, globally…am I missing your point about this?

  • As @Scott-Sumner pointed out I’ve always had success just setting the white space size during initialization.

    What I’ve done in the past is catch the SCN_ZOOMIN and SCN_ZOOMOUT notifications and use some simplistic mechanism to map the zoom value to an appropriate whitespace size so that it is changed dynamically.

    Note though there is a bug in the version of Scintilla that Notepad++ uses which does not draw the white space exactly centered. This is really only noticeable if you set the whitespace large enough.

  • @Scott-Sumner, @dail

    Thx for the hint and alternatives. Actually I thought it is a buffer setting but gave it a try
    and have to confirm it isn’t. But it is a per editor attribute which means, we have to set
    editor1 and editor2 from within



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