Compare Plugin - How to work with its output?

  • Dear community and developers,

    I’m using the Compare plugin in v2.0.0. It nicely visualizes a change (added|removed|changed) by displaying an icon next to each line in each document tab. Can I hightlight or mark all lines with a particular change to extract and only work on these?

    My use case is to compare search results:

    • Search engine A retrieves a set of titles 1
    • Search engine B retrieves a set of titles 2

    I sort both lists and run COMPARE to visualize differences. It categorizes each line that is unique to either one of the documents or shared by both, e.g. the intersection. Somehow I am missing an option to properly work with the plugins output, e.g. set a bookmark on each line that is identical or changed or added/removed.

    Thanks for your help!


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