how to configure Notepad++ to run currently open Python file?

  • I use Notepad++ for editing all kinds of programs and text, but I want to use it to run programs too.

    How do I run programs directly from the Python code I have open in Notepad++ ??

    If I put “run Python” it just flashes the Python cmd window and the program never runs.

    If I put the path to the Python runtime executable, the same thin happens. It does not actually run the program.

    What arguments (if any) do I need to include to run the current Python code?

    Thank you.


  • @Richdev-Boston

    I assume you are looking for $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH) variable.
    In addition, you might want to execute python in a cmd instance with paramter /K
    to see the output.

    cmd /K python $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)

    But there is an alternative which offers additional features.
    I’ve posted it here.


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