How to invoke a plugin's shortcut key when opening a file in Notepad++?

  • I have an XML file that has to be pretty’d before checking it’s contents. I use the ‘XML tools’ plugin’s shortcut ‘Ctrl + Alt + Shift + B’ to prettify the document. What I want is for Notepad++ to prettify this document as soon as it opens it rather than me having to key in the shortcut key combination every time I open this type of file. Basically, we can boil it down to this: if I am opening an XML file, run/fire the shortcut key combination ‘Ctrl + Alt + Shift + B’ first and then open the file. How is this possible? I looked at the “Shortcut Mapper” to see if I can customize anything there but that didn’t help. Bummer :( Will some of the files mentioned here:, help?

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