Regex multiple line search + redirect search results / possible improvement?

  • Hi,
    I use quite often the regex search on multiple line.

    but I found a couple of limitation:

    1. The results frame shows only the first line for the matched text block . In some case this limitation is useful though, especially when a pattern matches many large text blocks. In some cases it would be useful to select the behavior or at least to export the output to a new tab (see point 2)

    2. it could be useful to have an option in the search window to export the search results to a new tab .

    Do you know if either the above feature can be implemented or a plugin already exists? I spent some time without any luck.
    I know could use grep or its variants but it would be handy to have those options.

  • @Marco-Fabbri

    I don’t know if you are just making feature requests, or if you might be interested in workarounds.

    • For feature requests, it might be better to do it here

    • For workarounds on the topic you raise, you might have a look here.

  • Thanks for your comment Scott,

    I filed an enhancement request.

    Regarding the workaround, I am still not sure if that is what I was looking for…I have to learn how to run a python script in N++ first :)

  • Just as a reference…
    The quickest workaround I found is to use a cygwin shell with “pcre” package installed…
    $ pcregrep -M “BGP neighbor is.\r\n.\r\n.\r\n.\r\n.*\r\n.*state.*Established.*3w” file.txt

    (the above example look for a 6 lines string block such as:

    BGP neighbor is xxxx
    Remote AS xx, local AS xx, internal link
    Description: xxxx
    Remote router ID xxxx
    Cluster ID xxxx
    BGP **state **= Established, up for 3w5d

    hope this helps.

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