How to adjust/correct the text font?

  • I don’t know whether I somehow inadvertedly managed to modify that setting or whether the setting got otherwise corrupted, but since a few weeks the fixed-space font that NotePad++ is using to display text seems like it’s decaying or ands are slowly carrying it away, i.e. the font gets fainter and fainter and has holes in it. It really looks odd and above all: it’s increasingly hard to read!

    Where can one adjust the font and the textsize being used? I scanned the Settings --> Preferences but found no such settings.
    I can’t imagine, that one can not adjust that in NotePad…

  • @Michael-Moser

    it is Settings->Style Configurator what you are looking for.

    Concerning the font issue - could it be that you are running windows 10?
    If so, it is not the first time that I read that an update created an font issue.


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