How can I change the color only the '@' ?

  • Hello,

    I use the Notepad++ to create many archive in Sybase language, my variables start with @, for ex: @name, and I want to change the color of variables to red, all words starting with @

    Can I do this ?

    Thanks, and sorry about my English

  • Hi maggiorini,

    Are you creating a User Defined Language (UDF) for Sybase? If so, in the Keyword Lists, define a list as @ and tick the Prefix box. Then click the Styler button for that list, and set the Foreground color to red.

    If you are not creating a UDF, are you using one of the language definitions? If you would like to create a UDF, even to only color these variables, go to the Language menu, select Define Your Language… Click on the Create New… button at the top, name it, and then make the changes above. You can add Keywords, Delimiters, etc. as desired. Put the file extension in the Ext. box at the top, Save As, and then any files opened with that extension should have those variables highlighted. Or you can manually select the language from the Language menu.


    Glenn From Iowa

  • Hi Glenn, thanks about your answer.

    I think not explained properly my doubts.

    The Sql Language serves me very good, but I need to add in the SQL language the ‘@’ to change the variables color.

    If I create a new language, i´ll need to add all things about SQL language manually, for example commands, operators, and etc

    I need only add the ‘@’ in SQL language that already exists.

    I dont know, if is possible create a new language and import all things that exists in a SQL language, and after that, I add only ‘@’.

    Are you understood my problem ?

    Thanks again, and sorry about my English, my English is not good yet.

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