Corrupted file. Error on line -1

  • Hi,

    i have corrupeted file which can be viewed but Notepad and Notepad++ and if i try to open it with XML editor or the program it should be opened with it gives an error message that there is an error on line -1.

    Is there feature in notepad ++ which I can active that I can see the the -1 and zero line and maybe delete them and get the file to work.

    Looking for a easy way to fix it.

  • The negative line number in the error message suggests that the beginning of the file, or possibly the end, are not correct. Notepad++ will show all of the lines and characters in the file.

    Try opening a file that is not corrupt in Notepad++ and compare the first few characters against the first few of the corrupt file. It may be useful to set menu => View => Show symbol => Show all characters. Also compare the file encodings as shown on the Notepad++ status line (i.e. at the bottom of the window).

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