is regex condition possible in replace-string

  • I convert genealogic indexes from archive-sites into a ged-file, so they can be imported in my genealogic program.

    In the searchstring I have made a named expression called (?<CTNOTE>…). In some cases it is possible that the CTNOTE expression is an empty string.

    So I want to insert the lines 2 NOTE @N01@ and 0 @N10@ NOTE $+{CTNOTE} in the replaced result text only when the CTNOTE expression is not empty. Is it possible to write an replace-regex that does this job and how is it written down?

  • Again, this is more a RegEx related question.
    There are several websites dedicated to RegEx, just google for it.

  • Hi, @jos-maas and All

    Sorry, I didn’t understand, exactly, what string must replace your matched search, but here is the general description of the back-references and conditional replacements syntaxes, in the REPLACE part, when using named groups :

    SEARCH (?-s)(?<jos>^\d+$)|.+

    REPLACE (?{jos}Rewrite $+{jos}, as Group 'jos' exists:Group 'jos' does NOT exist !)

    With the reges S/R, above, the text :

    This is a test

    would be changed into :

    Rewrite 123, as Group 'jos' exists
    Group 'jos' does NOT exist !
    Rewrite 4567890, as Group 'jos' exists

    Notes :

    • As usual, the (?-s) part is added to be sure that the dot symbol will match standard characters, only !

    • Then we’re searching, either :

      • A single integer number, per line, stored as group jos (?<jos>^\d+$) ( It’s the priority search, as the first branch of the alternative )

      • All NON-empty contents of current line .+

    • In replacement, we use the conditional replacement (?{jos}++++++++:--------), which means :

      • If the group jos exists, we rewrite the ++++++++ text ( part before the colon symbol )

      • If the group jos does not exist, we rewrite the -------- text ( part after the colon symbol )

    So :

    • If a line contains a single number, the group jos exists and we re-write Rewrite $+{jos}, as Group 'jos' exists, with $+{jos, being a back-reference to the named group jos

    • ELSE the group jos does not exist and we, simply, rewrite the literal text, located after the colon symbol Group 'jos' does NOT exist !

    I do hope that this simple example will help you to solve your problem, easily !



  • Bonjour, Guy038,

    Your help was to the point, as showed by snippets from the search and replace string hereafter.

    In the searchstring: (Opmerking\R+(?<CTOPM>[A-z ]*$)\R+) - there is no need to have an alternation operator and string, because there is a match if “Opmerking\R” is in the tekst and the CTOPM-named substring is not empty, or not.

    The replacestrings: (?{CTOPM}2 NOTE @N10@\r\n:) and (?{CTOPM}0 @N10@ NOTE $+{CTOPM}\r\n:) generate the wanted lines if there is a match, or do nothing if there is no match.

    This item and that in my previous post illustrate the problem that I have as a newby in regex matters. As I know from my studies - some fifty years ago - you need basic theory, advanced theory and applied theory books to learn a job. I feel there is a lack specific for the regex in notepad++. The tutorial could be seen as an applied handbook, your “SYNTAXE des expressions RÉGULIÈRES PRCE, de NOTEPAD++ v6.0 et PLUS” is perhaps advanced theory, but - as far as I can see - both don’t give a complete overview of all aspects of the regex in notepad++. So far your replies on my posts provide the needed information in addition.

    I am grateful for your help on both my posts and I surely will write a call for help when I encounter a new problem.

    Cordialement, Jos

  • Hi, @jos-maas,

    Oh yes ! You’re perfectly right. Even, in the example, described in my previous post, we don’t need any alternative !

    But, in that case, when a line does not match ( NO group jos ), this line stays unchanged, and we do not need, either, the ELSE part of the conditional replacement !

    So, the previous regex S/R, becomes :

    SEARCH (?-s)(?<jos>^\d+$)

    REPLACE ?{jos}Rewrite $+{jos}, as Group 'jos' exists

    And, with the original text :

    This is a test

    We would get, this time, the text :

    Rewrite 123, as Group 'jos' exists
    This is a test
    Rewrite 4567890, as Group 'jos' exists

    Note that, in replacement, the outer parentheses are removed, without any problem !

    Jos, for further information, about regular expressions concept and syntax, begin with that article, in N++ Wiki :

    In addition, you’ll find good documentation, about the Boost C++ Regex library, v1.55.0 ( similar to the PERL Regular Common Expressions, v1.48.0 ), used by Notepad++, since its 6.0 version, at the TWO addresses below :

    • The FIRST link explains the syntax, of regular expressions, in the SEARCH part

    • The SECOND link explains the syntax, of regular expressions, in the REPLACEMENT part

    You may, also, look for valuable informations, on the sites, below : ( The reference !! )

    Be aware that, as any documentation, it may contain some errors ! Anyway, if you detected one, that’s good news : you’re improving ;-)



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