Plugin Command Shortcut for Textfx Plugin Date and Time uses ANSI character only not UTF8 in Not english documents

  • I use UTF8 character set for my documents, but i make a lot of use of the shortcut mapper for plugin commnands, specifically the Date and Time long one as weekday is needed and is more redeable overall, but since i changed to ansi i find that the text i get for that date and time must be encoded in ANSI so if your document is UTF8 and your language is not english and uses characters like

    á é í ó ú

    Then you get something like:

    xE1 xE9 xED xF3 xFA

    If you change codification back to ansi the all look correct so i understand the text used by textfx plugin is in ansi and that for all nonenglish speakers that means no correlation between some characters like accented ones.

    Any fix for this.

  • Another one:


    Will error:


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