Closing multiple tabs, confirmation dialog position

  • Sometimes I end up having 30+ files opened.
    I do RightClick on some tab -> Close Tabs to the Right.

    If closable tab had changes/not saved, a popup dialog asks me, do I want to save changes Yes/No/Cancel

    I normally do No for all files.
    So I click No in first popup, then second one is opened, BUT in this dialog a YES button can be under the mouse and sometimes I accidentally click Yes, then have to revert.

    Would be great if No button could stay in place, and not change it’s position on screen.
    Maybe make confirmation dialog of fixed size would be a solution?


  • @Mykhailo-Konvisar

    I see what you mean about the buttons moving around, via the dialog box changing size as the file pathname greatly changes in length from file to file. I haven’t looked at the source code, but it is probably done with a standard Windows YES-NO-CANCEL MessageBox call, in which case I totally understand this behavior.

    I’m not sure how much you prefer mouse versus keyboard, but as a workaround, how about just pressing the N (or Y, in case you need that…) key when that dialog box appears? (Alt+N or Alt+Y also work, but that just seems like unnecessary extra effort.)

    I totally understand if you know about the keyboard possibility and are just making a feature request. However, the right people either won’t see it here, and/or aren’t going to track it here.

    Your best option is to make a feature request or a change-in-functionality request here. Please spend a little time searching to see if your specific request already exists (in which case you can “up-vote” that request, and/or add any new information you think relevant).

    If this (or ANY other posting on the Notepad++ Community site) is useful, don’t reply with a “thanks”, simply up-vote ( click the ^ in the ^ 0 v area on the right ).

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