Startup warning "still some pending actions to complete installing or removing some plugins"?

  • When I start the newest NP++ under Win 7 (32bit) then since a few weeks always a warning popup appears:

    “There are still some pending actions to complete installing or removing some plugins.
    Would you like to do these now (Notepad++ will be restarted”.

    If I click button YES or NO
    nothing happens. The next time I start NP++ the same warning popup appears.

    No information is given which plugin update is pending.

    How do I really get rid of this mess?


  • @Ben-S.

    did you try starting npp as administrator?
    Maybe some actions, which requires administrative rights, haven’t finished yet!?


  • Yes, I executed NP++ as Administrator

  • Meanwhile I re-installed NP++.

    After the start a first notification dialog from Plugin Manager pops up
    telling me that a new Version of the Plugin Manager is available (v1.4.5 instead of current v1.3.5).
    See the following snapshot:

    I clicked on button “Update selected” and closed NP++

    After restart ALWAYS the second error popup appears.
    …about still pending action.

    It seems to me that NP++ did not completely updated the Plugin Manager.

    Why ?

    Can I do this somehow manually?

    Where do I download the newest Plugin Manager Plugin v1.4.5 and where (into which (sub)directory) do I have to copy it?

  • You can find the link under Resources on the Notepad++ home page. To get Plugin Manager, navigate to There are installation instructions there also, but basically, you unzip the file and copy both the plugins and updater sub-folders from the zip file to your %ProgramFiles%\Notepad++ folder.

    Also, I believe the most current version is v1.4.9. :) No, I don’t know why the most current version of the Plugin Manager is not included with the install. :( I’m on 1.4.9 and it seems to work well.

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