Pythonscript maximum menu items

  • I just added (what turned out to be my 51st) Pythonscript…okay, so I admit I’m ambitious!. It didn’t appear in the menu so that it could be shortcut mapped. I did some digging in the Pythonscript plugin source code and found:

    #define MAX_MENU_SCRIPTS 50

    Is this just an arbitrary value, or is there a good reason for a limit of 50?

    In theory I should be able to rebuild the sources after upping this value, but this got me to thinking (again) about the future of the Pythonscript plugin. Any word on development on this plugin…bug fixes…a 64-bit version?

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    Hi Alan, I assume that 50 is just an arbitrary number, wasn’t able to find any msdn
    document which states that this is a limit.

    Can’t say anything about python script future plans, unfortunately.


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