I made HexEditor x64 working - what next?

  • Hi all,
    I’ve got old HexEditor plugin working with x64 version of NPP, but I’m new to Open Source and not entirely sure what should I do next - how to share it, etc.? My questions are:

    1. Where should I upload updated source? Should I just create repository on GitHub and post it there? Or somehow send it to SourceForge?
    2. I guess I should contribute it here later, https://notepad-plus-plus.org/community/topic/13661/plugin-manager-x64-available-submit-your-plugins
    3. Is the author of HexEditor still active here? (Jens Lorenz, jens.plugin.npp at gmx.de) It’s his project, but source 8 years old, so I’m not sure how does ‘hijacking’ of project is treated in OS society? I feel like he should agree on that, or at least know it.
    4. Also, I’ve compiled it with VS 2017 - is there any preference about this? Should it be compiled with older one due to compatibility? It will require VS Redist 2017 to work.

    Sorry for naiveness, but everyone have to start somewhere :)

    1. Personally I’d recommend GitHub but it is really up to you where you want to host the source code.
    2. Yes that’s the easiest way to allow users to find and download it.
    3. Not that I’m aware of. No one would accuse you of ‘hijacking’ the project. After all, this is the whole point of open source software :)
    4. AFAIK there isn’t a problem using VS 2017. I think most plugins link the C++ runtime statically so that it doesn’t have the problem of requiring a specific redistributable to be installed on the system.

    Also…take a look at this repo which has made some changes to the Hex Editor plugin and got it running for 64-bit.

  • Also created a release https://github.com/chcg/NPP_HexEdit/releases/tag/, but due to the unclear situation with Jens I also don’t want to hijack.

    Further gitrepos:


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