Disable Ctrl+mousewheel zooming

  • I can’t find the shortcut mapper option to get rid of the annoying Ctrl+Mousewheel accidental zooming feature, please let me know where can I find and eradicate such setting.

    The SCI_ZOOMIN and SCI_ZOOMOUT commands are binded to other hotkeys, so they shouldn’t be responsible for this behavior (unless there’s a bug and the shortcut’s been hard-coded).

  • Hello, @Andrés-Zsögön and All,

    Andrés, I think that the ZoomDisabler plugin is, exactly, what you are looking for :-))

    This Stanislas Eckert’s plugin ( 32 AND 64 bits, in 1.2.0 version ), witch can be downloaded from the link, below :


    allows you to enable / disable, independently :

    • The CTRL + Mouse Wheel Up/Down feature

    • The CTRL + Num +/- feature

    Note that :

    • When the Disable mouse zoom option is checked, in Plugins > ZoomDisabler > Settings

    • And IF a previous CTRL + Num +/- action modified the zoom value

    => Any CTRL + Mouse Wheel Up/Down action will restore the default user zoom value, ( = Zoom 0, by default )

    Remark : The CTRL + Num / action, always, restore the default zoom ( Zoom 0 )

    Best Regards,


  • Guy038, the so called “plugin” you refer is an obscure closed-source, 2 MB file. I really doubt such DLL could be harmless, there’s no way I’m installing this.

    Anyway, I know nothing about plugin development, but how can you write a 2 MB DLL just to disable a simple keyboard shortcut? It’s almost as heavy as Notepad’s++ EXE itself.

    Just in case, does someone check out those plugins before they are released to the Plugin Manager? Can I compile any “plugin” and upload the DLL directly?

  • There is never “someone to check things” for free projects.
    Notepad++ plugins are compiled against Notepad++ and Scintilla source code, it takes some expertise to ensure that only necessary stuff gets in. Lots of the plugin developers are new developers who get their feet wet for the 1st time and lack that expertise. Since nobody cares today about DLL sizes they don’t learn to improve it.
    Developers of malicious SW are true experts so they would probably know how to reduce the DLL size to remove suspicion.

    But feel free to find a different solution.

  • Andrés Zsögön,

    before you start defame me in public and on multiple websites, you could kindly ask me first if you are unsure, instead of implying that I have bad intentions and that I want to harm my users. Especially if you, like you wrote yourself, don’t know anything about plugin development or if you don’t know how the plugin repository of Dave’s Plugin Manager works or why this has nothing to do with shortcuts in NPP. I explained you your misunderstanding on GitHub and released the source code: https://github.com/StanDog/npp-zoomdisabler/issues/2

    By the way, you are using multiple closed sourced applications, including an operating system, which is proven to spy on its users…

  • The solution in this case would be to simply respect the settings from the Shortcut Mapper dialog.

    But of course, this is too much asking, instead we must be grateful and thankful to the developers, never suggest, and never ask why. The N++ developers work in mysterious ways.

  • I really don’t understand what you want, Andrés. What has the shortcut mapper to do with this at all? The shortcut mapper defines keys to toggle certain commands. Means, it defines which keys toggles the zoom. As far as I know, there was never an option in Notepad++ to disable the zoom feature for [Ctrl + Mouse Scroll] or for the keyboard without losing the mapping. As far as I remember, this had something to do with the Scintilla component, which Notepad++ is using and its lack to disable the zoom (but I might be wrong). This plugin allows disabling both ways, without changing your key mappings. How exactly shall this plugin “respect” the settings there?

    Also, you didn’t asked me about any plugin features at all. I am actually quite baffled about all the negative reaction coming from you out of nowhere (the text written by you here and on GitHub was the first time I ever heard anything from you). I really try to help you (I answer your questions and spend almost 2 hours to search & restore the source code from my backups, clean it up and upload it) and I’m happy to get suggestions how the plugin can be improved, but all I get from you are complains. Looking at your other comments, this seems the way you generally speak with people, or am I wrong? Since the code is available now, you are welcome to contribute and improve it the way you want. I will try to help you, but please also try to be a little bit more constructive.

    PS: I’m not a N++ developer and I’m not involved in the development of this great editor (however I really would like to contribute to the project, if I had a little bit more free time).

  • Stan, thanks for the feedback. Let me clarify that when I mentioned the Shortcut Mapper , I was by no means referring to your plugin. In fact that post was entirely pointed to Notepad++ alone, I assumed it was clear, but I regret the misunderstanding. My English is not quite polished yet.

    Having said that, to clarify my point (again: not about your plugin) the Ctrl+Mouswheel reaction is technically a hotkey, or shortcut, so there’s no (logical) reason why it shouldn’t be configurable from N++ itself. And the N++ developers won’t ever admit that they simply forgot to add it (the only reason I can think of) instead, I’d surely be adviced to find another editor, the de facto suggestion for sensitive N++ issues around here.

    Regarding your plugin: I will try it, and I’m sure it will work perfectly. As for the source code, I’m glad you released it, I think that was requested by other users at Github in earlier posts.

    PS: at this forum, I never had a chance to interact with an actual N++ developer, that I can recall. Maybe they just avoid my posts because they might not like their tone. And yes, it’s my natural way of speaking (but not in english).

  • If you want to interact with NPP (few) developers go to its issues board.
    And you should definitely work on your tone if you want some cooperation to actually make a difference.
    You better actually build it and observe the code before you make suggestions.

    NPP is far from perfect but it is still better than the alternatives.
    Do your homework before you start your aggressive approach. This forum is filled with smarter people but most contributions to NPP user base are via suggestions, workarounds and plugins. Actual changes in the core product come in slower rate and this forum has little to do with them.

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