bulk-edition of more than 8000 files

  • Hello,

    unfortunaltely my joomla installation got infected. All of the php-files contain malware and must be desinfected. This would be easy cause the malware is just a code in front of the regular joomla code that sits between an opening an a closing php-tag. The problem ist that there are more than 8000 of those files. It takes months to ope each file, mark the code, delete them and save the desinfected file back to the server.

    So, how can I make Notepad++ doing the work for me?

    It needs to scan each of the files for the first <?php and the first ?> and delete everything between, including the both php-tags, and save the file.

    If you have a solution please let me know.


  • @Holger-Gräf Learn and then use a scripting language like AWK, PERL, or Python.

  • Hi Holger. I might be able to help . Just go to my contact form below and send me a sample file. Best regards, Eric Force


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