Regex to match file and version number

  • Greetings All:

    I am having trouble getting the following regex to work
    It will only grab the file name not file name and version of:
    bubba 1.2.11

    I only get “bubba” back
    I can add the eol character $ and get all but the last line which may not have a CRLF. I need to be able to match this type of string.

    What am I doing wrong?
    Appreciated your time looking at this.

  • Hey Pat

    The regex \w+.*? seems quite wide - it will match “any set of one or more word characters (equal to [a-zA-Z0-9_]”

    Are you using a global switch? e.g. /\w+.*?/g (as a javascript regex object)
    Without it, it will only run the match once, stopping after matching bubba

    Also, the ? makes the + lazy, so it will only match as little as needed - remove the ?
    e.g. /\w+.*/g
    (it should be returning the file name and version now and, depending on the text being matched, a lot of other stuff)

    A white space character (e.g. /\w+\s./g ) or space (/\w+\x20./g) character after \w would also limit the matches.

    An end anchor $ does not require CRLF. In fact /\w+\x20.$/g would only match the last line with the file name and version.
    Add a multi-line switch (e.g. /\w+\x20.
    $/gm) if there is only one match per line

    Finally, we probably need to limit .* to match only numbers and periods
    e.g. /\w+\x20[0-9.]+$/gm

    When I run document.body.innerText.match(/\w+\x20[0-9.]+$/gm) against this page in the console I get
    (2) [“bubba 1.2.11”, “POSTS 66”]

    Check out [Filename and Version on - a great resource] (

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