Notepad++ crashed, I lost all data in a file

  • Hello.
    Help me … please
    About Notepad ++.
    I’m having Crash issues, and my files are lost.
    I’ve searched in the folder directory (% AppData% / Notepad ++ / backup) but there are no files in that folder.
    How do I get my file again.

    Thank you for your help

  • Happened me too for a while ago, and I had to use cgsecurity’s little great program testdisk. It scans the hard drive and creates a folder with lost/deleted files. Very very handy. :)

    Anyway, the reason I came here this time, is because it happened again!! With another file. This time under git version control, so just a few hours (not ok anyway…) of work lost.

    I just wanted to highlight it to the community, might be some kind of bug? I have no active plugins, so it seems to be notepad++ itself.

    However, I did not try to look in the notepad++ backup folder, my file might have been there. But in that case I guess notepad++ would show it to me, would it not?

  • I had the same problem going on for some time now. I ended up coding within remote desktop, directly on the server instead over my workgroup internal LAN connection. Somehow that made it stop / or almost stop. Not ideal, but this was a workaround.

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