Setup Notepad++ with cloud syncing?

  • Thanks! I was not aware of the cloud settings here!

    It’s still not clear to me by just doing this what gets synced though. I understand from your post that plugins (and their settings) will not unless I go that extra step, is that right?

    I may not be using the term “session” correctly (or maybe I am?). What I’m talking about is right now I have 4 tabs open with different files - some which are saved locally, others which are without name (“new2”). When I close NP++ on this computer, I don’t have to worry about saving even the unsaved files (usually they’re snippets and notes) because they’re backup up (and BTW I set the backup location to the cloud as well), so when I reopen NP++ I’m basically continuing from where I left off. (I’m not saving/loading sessions.)

    I’m most interested to have this “session” (if it’s called that) synced across my work stations. Having set up the cloud as you mentioned, and set up my backup folder to the same cloud directory, would this work? (I know, I could try, but I don’t have another computer to try this on hand.)

    I’m just wondering if it wouldn’t make more sense to find a way to install NP++ as a “portable app” directly in one of my clouds - wouldn’t everything then just be nicely wrapped there?

    Thanks for your time!

  • First, you are using the term session exactly as I understand it: a group of files open in an instance of Notepad++, extending to cursor placement, backup paths, even folding, and marking styles if those are used. Take a look at %appdata%\Notepad++\session.xml to see what is saved in a session. If you’re looking at it in Notepad++, it’s generally recommended to not change it and to not have it open when closing Notepad++.

    You may want to check out some pages from the Wiki. I don’t think it’s being actively updated anymore, but most information is still valid.
    How to store and retrieve sets of files as they were opened in Notepad++
    Notepad++'s configuration files

    The files may vary from installation to installation, depending on customizations, settings, etc., but below is a pretty representative set. Notice that the session.xml file is on the local drive. As an example of what gets synced through:

    cloud folder

    • backup (folder)
    • config.xml
    • contextMenu.xml
    • langs.xml
    • shortcuts.xml
    • stylers.xml
    • userDefineLang.xml

    Local appdata folder

    • cloud (folder)
    • plugins (folder)
    • functionList.xml
    • session.xml
    • XMLToolsExt.ini

    You should be able to enter “%appdata%\Notepad++” in the address bar in Windows Explorer to get to the AppData folder.

    Last weekend, I actually tried syncing some files from my work computer to my home computer. Since my work computer had a path of C:\Users<firstinitial><lastname>\Google Drive… and my home computer had a path of C:\Users<firstname> <lastname>\Google Drive… I wasn’t able to get it to work. I could manually open up the files in my Google Drive\backup\ folder, but the session didn’t automatically restore. Interestingly, when I returned to work, the new x files in my session did not open up for some reason. When I looked at the session.xml file, I could see the backup path for them and was able to restore them, but there must have been some small detail that it couldn’t resolve, so it just failed to re-open those files. If I were to try it again, I’d save the session manually at work (using File -> Save Session), and try opening that up at home.

    As far as plugins, those are installed individually, so, for example, I could have the settings for Compare saved in an accessible file, but if I don’t have Compare installed on the other computer, it wouldn’t even know to look for the settings. I haven’t tried this, but you may be onto something with installing Notepad++ as a portable app. You can download the zip file and just expand that in a cloud folder.

    Or you might be able to install it to a cloud folder. I know when installing, it has some options:

    • Don’t use %APPDATA% - Enable this option to make Notepad++ load/write the configuration files from/to its install directory. Check it if you use Notepad++ in a USB device.
    • Allow plugins to be loaded from %APPDATA%\notepad++\plugins It could cause a security issue. Turn it on if you know what you’re doing.

    I’m not sure what happens if you check both of those options - would it load plugins from the USB (or cloud) device? Also, I’d want some more info about the security issue mentioned. But I don’t have info on that.

  • Sorry for replying to this topic, I know it is quite old.
    I use cloud setting in Notepad++ to sync my notes between computers. Is there any way or client to view and edit these notes on iOS (iPhone)?

    Thank you so much

  • @Peter-Okorn Peter, are you able to use data from a computer to another using Notepad++ cloud? I’m trying but the only thing it does is save the data from computer A on computer A but ate the computer B I cannot retrieve it.
    Someone know how to do that?

  • @Caio-Carvalho +1

    Anyone knows how I can sync between devices?

  • @Erlend-Svendsen

    What exactly do you want to sync?
    Your npp configuration?
    Your files created/modified by npp?
    Something else?
    Where are the devices located?
    Different OS in place?

  • @Ekopalypse , I would like to say,
    I want to sync opened tabs and data inside those tabs.
    Let say, On one PC, i have notepad++ opened, file1.txt,,new 1, new 3 and now if I go to another PC, and open the notepad++, It should have all those tabs.

  • Hello @Chintan-Bhatt,

    Currently only settings can be saved in the cloud path.
    But let me think if there is a way to make npp think that it is started from the cloud path to load and save the session.xml accordingly.

  • @Chintan-Bhatt said in Setup Notepad++ with cloud syncing?:

    @Ekopalypse , I would like to say,
    I want to sync opened tabs and data inside those tabs.
    Let say, On one PC, i have notepad++ opened, file1.txt,,new 1, new 3 and now if I go to another PC, and open the notepad++, It should have all those tabs.

    I agree, I came here looking for this feature. It would be great if it gets implemented! Thanks

  • @________ And same here. It would be really great to have the session synchronized from the Cloud path. Fingers crossed!

  • Just registered so i could support this request. :) So yes please!

  • @Pim-x ,

    Something that no one adding their “me too” to this discussion seems to have understood: this Forum is a Community of Notepad++ Users, not the developers. Since the last time this topic was active, the Please Read Before Posting was added to help explain this, and that post links to the FAQ: Feature Request and Bug Report which for the last three years has explained the details of where and how to make a feature request (which, spoiler alert, is not in this Community Forum, and especially not in this four-year-old discussion).

    Since the “Cloud” settings aren’t quite enough for you (since it doesn’t move session.xml), then you should read about Config Files Location and try using the -settingsDir command line option, and see if that will sync enough.

    And if it doesn’t sync enough, then you can just unzip the portable edition into your cloud folder, and that way your entire Notepad++ – executables, plugins, and settings – will be synced across the cloud, which guarantees that all your settings and sessions will be the same across computers.