Notepad++ Want to keep all files on next open

  • One one system I’ve got notepad++ installed, and it works as I like. I can have a bunch of open tabs with my temporary work. I ‘x’ out, and the next day, when I open, everything is there as I left it. This is a Windows 10 pc.

    On another system, a Windows Server, I have notepad++ and nothing is saved. If I try to ‘x’ without naming a file I get ‘Your backup file cannot be found (deleted from outside). Save it otherwise your data will be lost.’

    I’ve compared Preferences->Settings->Backup and the backup path is different, but it can’t be changed. I’m suspecting it’s some kind of security on the server but I don’t know what it could be!

    Suggestions and insights are most appreciated.

  • Do you have a “cloud” location (which could also be a local network location) specified under the Cloud section of Preferences? I believe that causes the Backup path to be non-editable. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe that before I changed the setting from No cloud, I could change the Backup path.

    Obviously, different permissions on different computers may cause functionality differences. Have you tried to write a file (outside of Notepad++) to the Backup path specified on the Windows Server?

    But once you’ve verified you have write/modify access to the Backup path, you want to make sure the Remember current session for next launch is checked in the Backup section of Preferences. This is the box that allows everything to be saved as you left it previously. Also, the Enable session snapshot and periodic backup box allows the functionality of not needing to save a file before exiting. But if you have both of these boxes checked and have write access to the Backup path, it should allow the functionality you see on the other computer.

  • “No cloud” is picked. I can save a file to that directory from WordPad. Under Backup Remember current session, and Enable session are both picked.

    The backup path gets set somehow that I can’t figure out, on the Win 10 PC it’s different. But in either case, it can’t be modified. Maybe I’ll try to uninstall, but it’s really just an unzip to a folder, so I’m not sure where it’s getting it’s path from.

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