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  • Hello,

    I’m a newbie in using Notepad++, now I’ve done something that I can’t reverse. I closed the left pane with the project structure, and I cannot find a setting to revert that. It’s dumb, but I don’t see it!

    Thank you!

  • @Ad-Rienks
    View–>Project–>Project Panel 1

  • @jim-daley
    Thank you, but that is not exactly what I was searching for.
    I see an example with heading: Explorer - C:\Projects… -> that is what I had before, and I want that back again.
    Not a big deal, after all, but I am just exploring. Notepad++ has a lot of very good features; that’s for sure!

  • Looks like you have the “explorer” plug-in installed : Try using the shortcut Control - Alt - shift - E
    This keyboard shortcut should activate the feature. (It works as switch on/off)

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