[Plugin update] NppEventExec with a lot of new goodies.

  • Hello Community!

    Do enjoy using the great NppExec? Then you’ll surely enjoy adding another layer to it that allows you to automatically execute scripts when Notepad++ fires an event. That’s right, NppEventExec has been updated. The plugin is now available for both x86 and x64 Notepad++ from the plugin manager (currently you need to get it from the development list, enable it from the manager’s settings) and you’ll need to install NppExec separately.

    This is a major update featuring everything for a smooth workflow. Take a look at the demo on the homepage on the homepage for a quick start. One usage scenario is the formatting of source code, e.g. using this handy script before the file is saved (NPPN_FILEBEFORESAVE). Another idea is to compile source after the file is saved (NPPN_FILESAVED). I’m sure you’ll come up with additional interesting scenarios :) Please share your experience!

    Please understand, this update is a big leap from the previous rather primitive releases. Be on your guard for potential issues and please report everything you find. I would like to give you the best quality possible.


  • @MIvanchev This looks like a really useful tool! Thanks.

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