User defined functionList no working

  • I tried to define a function list for a corba idl file by adding this in the functionList.xml file:

    within <associationMap>:

    <association id="corba_syntax" ext=".idl" />
    <association id="corba_syntax" userDefinedLangName="CORBA" />

    and within <parsers>:

    <parser displayName="CORBA" id="corba_syntax">
    <classRange mainExpr="interface.*\{" openSymbole ="\{" closeSymbole="\}" commentExpr="(?s:/\*.*?\*/)|(?m-s://.*?$)">
    		<nameExpr expr="interface[\t ]+[\w]+" />
    		<nameExpr expr="[\t ]+[\w]+" />
    		<nameExp expr="[\w]+" />
    	<function mainExpr="[\w]+[\t ]+\(">
    			<funcNameExpr expr="[\w]+" />

    I am using this file (test.idl) for testing:

    module test {
    interface EntityRoot { 
    /* comment 1 */
    interface Entity : EntityRoot {	
    	void setName ( 
    		in string value // comment 2
    	) raises(ServerError);       
    	void changePosition (
    		in long value
    	) raises(ServerError);

    But it’s not working. Can somebody help me to correct my mistake?

    But I had two versions of Notepad++ without realizing it. Removing the old one resolved this issue.

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