Need to run a macro on a file as it is opened

  • I am programmatically opening Notepad++ from within a VB6 app (the only dev tool I can get on this machine). I am actually opening three XML files that are part of an interface between System A and System B.

    System A makes XML A, WebMethods makes XML B, and System B returns XML C. I want to open all three files, which I can easily do this with command-line arguments. But then I need to press Ctrl-Shift-Alt-B to reformat the XML using a plug-in. I have not been able to send keystrokes to the application, probably due to new restrictions in the operating system. In the past, I had been able to use “SendKeys” from VB to send that keystroke.

    Is there some way to fire off the macro? Maybe with ghost typing? Couldn’t figure out how to send special characters like Ctrl-Shift-Alt-B.

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