nppcrypt test

  • hi!
    I know, nobody (including me) necessarily wants to test other peoples little plugins… but anyway: I just finished the first build of nppcrypt and maybe there is a good soul out there who takes it upon herself to try it out and tells me about all the horrible bugs.
    this holy person would find everything necessary here:

  • Hello Jean,
    Thanks for usefull plugin “NppCrypt”.
    After upgrade to version 7.5.1 of NotepadPP, I have found that my previous NppCrypt plugin do not work with 64 bit notepad.
    I have found, download and installed newer versions - nppcryptv1013b.x64 and nppcryptv1015a.x64; seems both works without any bugs.
    Basic test was performed only - decryption and encryption of the file encrypted by previous version of plugin.
    Thank You.

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