Encoding without BOM? Where?

  • I was told to use Notepad ++ to remove Spanish special characters from a text file. I downloaded version 7.5 of Notepad ++ but the Encoding dropdown box does not have “Encoding without BOM” as a choice. That’s what I was told to use. Is it in a older version of Notepad ++? What am I missing?

  • @Kelli-Baham

    The Encoding menu has changed recently and I believe that the phrasing “without BOM” has been removed…so if it doesn’t say “BOM” in the menu entry text then you can assume that in choosing that entry you won’t end up with the BOM in your file.

    I think this was done to avoid confusion (i.e., if the encoding doesn’t have the BOM, don’t use the text “BOM” in any way in the menu entry, even to say “without”). Maybe for the short-term it is a bit confusing, but I like it for the longer-term.

    So here’s the 7.5 Encoding menu:


    And here’s an earlier one for comparison:


  • @Scott-Sumner
    Thanks. What I have is a text file with Spanish special characters that I’m trying to get rid of. I was told to use this by my vendor. However, when I open the file and select Encoding in UTF-8 the special characters don’t change (this particular file has an A with the accent mark over it) - whether I select the word with the special characters, select all, or select nothing. If I choose Encoding in ANSI, it changes the letter to an A with the tilde over it. I want it to be just a standard A. Maybe my vendor misunderstood what this will do or maybe I am missing something…

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