Difference in encoding in Notepad++ between computers.

  • The problem here is with writing Polish characters (such as ą, ę, ł) in Notepad++ in the ANSI encoding between two computers.
    On my laptop, those characters can be typed in fine and show up normally.
    However, on my main working PC, you can’t type Polish characters while in ANSI and if you open an ANSI file with them, “ą” will be “¹”, ę will be “ê” and “ł” will be “³”.
    I need to use ANSI, so there’s no running away from that, but does anyone know what could be causing this?
    (both computers use 64bit Windows 10.)

    1. Make sure that same font is used in both installations.
    2. Make sure that file is indeed opened as ANSI in both installations by observing the status line at the bottom.
    3. Make sure in Encoding -> Character Sets that same Character Set is selected.

    Why do you “NEED” to use ANSI? Anything ANSI that is not pure English is asking for trouble.
    If you need to feed your file to some ANSI consuming SW then consider using UTF8 when moving files between computers and just convert to ANSI during the last step, keeping the utf8 version as “golden reference” in case the ANSI coversion is screwed up.

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