Remove CRLF Not Preceded by a Space

  • I have a text file that contains 10000 records exported from DataPerfect. There are many unwanted CRLFs that I need to remove. Most of the problem CRLFs are NOT preceded by a space. The valid CRLFs are usually preceded by a space.

    Is there a way that I can use the replace function to remove the CRLFs that are NOT preceded by a space?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • @Wayne-Aprato

    Any decent text editor has a way of doing what you need and Notepad++ is no exception.

    Invoke the Replace dialog, and then:

    Find-what zone: (?<!\x20)\r\n
    Replace-with zone: make sure this zone has nothing in it
    Search-mode setting: Regular expression
    Action: your choice of Replace or Replace All

    So in essence what the FInd-what formula is doing is finding a CRLF pair (the \r\n part), and then looking at the character immediately preceding. If it is NOT a space character (\x20), then that particular CRLF pair gets replaced (with nothing as that is what is specified in Replace with), otherwise it is left as it is.

  • Thanks Scott. Much appreciated.

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