Session Manager not creating new sessions

  • I recently discovered that I had an old non-auto-updating version of N++, so I deleted my copy and installed 7.5 (32 bit). As far as I know I deleted all the plugin folders associated with the old installation.

    After re-installing Session Manager (and then correcting the “plugin name not appearing in the plugins menu” problem), I have had a problem creating new sessions. I was able to create one, “master.” I also have a second listed, which is just the “Default” session. But now when I open the menu and try to create a new session, nothing happens after I create a new session (doesn’t matter if it’s an empty session or a copy). No error message, no nothing, and no new session appears on the session list.

    Has anyone else seen this problem?

  • Hi,

    I haven’t observed such behavior, the plugin is working just fine.
    Is everything OK when you open ‘Settings…’ from the plugin’s menu?


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