Not Working Find Files ?? |Notepad++ 7.5

  • Notepad++ 7.5

    Before his notepad ++ went normal

    Im FInd FIles …
    Find Reslut - 0 hits

    and try again

    pls ?? fix

  • Works fine for me.

    Since you didn’t provide any info to try to debug your issue then I don’t know what else to tell you.

  • not wroking dude :(((

  • Sorry to hear that. Wish I could have been more help.

  • @Sadut-Bandel,

    As in most help forums, “not wroking dude” or “it’s not working” or other equivalent phrases are not sufficient responses to elicit more help. You need to provide us with enough to reproduce your problem.

    For example, you could create two dummy files, with a few lines of text each, then use a tool like an animated screen capture (see @Scott-Summer’s recommendation) or ScreenToGif or similar (then embed the animated gif like you would a normal gif: ![](http://url/to/animated.gif)). Or, like @dail did, use static image(s) (embedded the same way). But somehow, you need show us what steps you are using, and exactly what “not working” means in your case.

    Your problem could be something as simple as you have ☑ Match Case selected, and have typed your search string in the wrong case. Or maybe you have selected ☑ Regular Expression, and included what you thought was a normal $ character in your search string, which does not mean $ with that check box, so it won’t match what you think it should.

    There are hundreds or thousands of things that might be going wrong, and you have given us nothing to go on. This is the equivalent of calling your doctor and saying “I’m sick; make me well, over the phone, without me giving a detailed explanation of my symptoms, and without allowing you to do an examination”.

    Please help us help you.

  • @Sadut-Bandel you may try to do a fresh install. Sometimes, configuration files are corrupted

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