Find & Replace w/multiple instances? (using a conversion file)

  • Hello from California - I have a large text file, full of financial data, with hundreds of 6-digit account numbers scattered throughout the file. We are converting to a new 7-digit format, and I have a file that shows, one line at a time, each old 6-digit number, and the new 7-digit number that it converts to.

    I’d like to “feed” this conversion table to Notepad++, and tell it to take my huge financial file and perform a “find and replace all” routine multiple times, replacing each 6-digit number with its new 7-digit number, and then moving down to the next line of the conversion file and repeating the process.

    If I have to, I can move both files to Excel and perform a VLookup, but I’d rather stay in the Notepad++ 7.3.3 world. Does anyone know a way to get this done?

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    After more than a month of many views, but no replies, I asked the same question in another thread that was discussing a similar issue.
    Fortunately, a very helpful community member guy038 was able to come up with a solution for me and posted it, so anyone interested can view the discussion at:

  • @Perry-Sticca

    I think the fact that you didn’t give any example data in this thread, but you did in that other thread, had something to do with your lack of replies (data is power!). It happens a lot here where people just throw out a bunch of vague thoughts and hope people can read their minds and provide answers. I’m not saying that your description here was bad…but just like a picture is worth 10000 words, so is some data. :-D

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