NP++ stopped working after latest update, even after uninstall and reinstall

  • Hi everyone,

    I’ve been using NP++ for ages. But it seems that era has come to an end. I downloaded the latest update and installed it.
    After the install, NP++ told me ‘Exception on WP_Create’ - Unknown exception.

    1. I renamed the plugin directory
    2. re-installed the latest Python plugin
    3. completely removed NP++ and plugins
    4. re-installed NP++, both 32- and 64 bit version, versions 7.4.2., 7.5. and 7.5.1.

    Nothing worked. I keep getting the error message ‘Exception on WP_Create’ - Unknown exception, which is driving me up the wall by know.

    You are my last hope. If this won’t work, I will have to say bye bye to NP++, although honestly I don’t know how I’ll get by without it.

    So: any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


  • Try to use the portable version

    Try to clean application data folder : C:\Users\XXXXXXXX\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++

  • Why can’t I edit my original question? Anyway, the error message was: ‘Exception on WM_Create’ - Unknown exception (not WP)

  • @cmeriaux Thanks Christophe, the portable version works, good thinking! Nice solution. But do you have any idea what causes the error message? I have now cleaned the app data folder as well, completely deinstalled the original version, including plugins, but it still won’t work.

    I guess there’s no way to save my latest session, having deleted all associated files, including session.xml, which I literally saw vanish before my very eyes as it was eaten by the great data beast . . . :-(

    Anyway, thanks again Christophe! For now at least I am happy with the portable version. :-)

    By the way: apologies for the late answer. The reason is that I am being treated like a kid: “As a new user, you can only post once every 1200 second(s) until you have earned 2 reputation - please wait before posting again”.
    It doesn’t tell why new users can only post every 1200 second(s), nor does it say how I can ‘earn’ 2 ‘reputation’, leaving me completely in the dark…

  • Thanks @cmeriaux and @Scott-Sumner240 for the upvotes. I guess that’s adding to my ‘reputation’, right? Much appreciated!

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