SFTP connection to Google Cloud Compute Instance not working

  • Hi guys,
    I am having this same problem when trying to connect to my google cloud compute instance with either Notepad++ and Adobe Muse Publisher function.

    Strangely enough, i can easily configure filezilla to access the cloud instance via sftp using either an ssh key file to match the public one on the webserver or, via a username and password. From within filezilla both of these options work without any issues at all displaying my file directory as expected on the webserver.

    From within notepad++ i have enabled the Nppftp-Output window so i can see what is happening.

    Its producing the following
    [SFTP] Host key accepted
    [SFTP] None of the server’s authentication methods were accepted. Please check the options under the authentication tab.
    Unable to connect

    I have tried both “try private key file authentication” and “try password authentication”.

    the user credentials and key i am using are identical to those used in filezilla. I am at a loss as to what i am doing wrong???

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