Notepad++ shows CSS in black and format?

  • Hi all
    Okay as the title says all the CSS is just black.
    Now if I open old CSS files I have coded it is all the normal colors for code like body in blue container in red and so on.
    Now if I try and code a new file even after If I save it as CSS just to see if it changes it is just black text still.

    I can start off with
    color: #fff; (or whatever code)
    but it ends up just all black.

    Also when I code it was if I typed body { }
    then go back one space and hit enter it would then drop down and I would end up with all color coded

    ( would indent for me and be ready for me to start coding here)
    } (would drop this down the extra line so I could just start coding the line above)

    If I go and edit an old css file it all works fine
    This has never happened in the years I have used it.

    Any ideas why?

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