How can I control font when printing?

  • genuine noobie question:

    When printing I can control the header and footer fonts (at Preferences > Print) but I’ve been looking for a way to control the body print font, specifically i want to chose the output font and reduce font size …

    how can I do this?


  • judging by resounding silence - print fonts can’t be controlled in NP++ ?

  • In Notepad++ you can change the global font style. A Set/Reset '“action” then Print.
    Other solutions are possible and Notepad++ is not “involved”. (my 2¢)

  • As Gogo said, for the body of the text, font is the same as what’s in the window. Thus, it’s influenced by the settings in the Settings > Style Configurator, including the Language: Global Styles > Style: Default Style > Font Style: Font Name, but actually it applies all the same formatting you see in your editor (including the various stylings for the various elements of whatever language you have selected). If you have the Settings > Preferences > Print set to Colour: ☑ WYSIWYG, it will even print in color (if you have a color printer), so dark-theme users, beware.

    If you don’t like the display size vs print size (ie, if you make a small font size due to printing, but it makes it too small to see on your ultra-high-def-giant-screen-monitor), you could either change the Style Configurator font size every time you print and change it back when done, or use View > Zoom > ... to change the size of what’s displayed.

    Hope this helps.

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