A script to cycle between panels ?

  • Hi,

    I want to improve my user experience using Notepas++, and to do so I would need to be able to switch between panes “folder as workspace” + “NppFTP” + “FingerText” with an only shortcut, let’s say F1. That would be awesome.

    By switch I mean “toggle” = “open/close”, not “focus on” (to prevent having an ugly and space-wasting “panes navbar”).

    I tried and the most I can do is mapping each pane to respectively F1, F2 and F3, and manually open and close them, which is not very convenient – not to mention that FingerText pane can’t be toggled directly, you have to not be focused inside the pane in order to close it with the shortcut.

    Is there a way of achieving this seamless switching ? By writing a plugin, a script (or natively but I doubt).

    Thanks if you can help me :)

  • Expected behavior:

    Notepad++ always runs with the "folder as workspace" pane displayed.
    F1 closes it and opens the "NppFTP" pane.
    F1 closes it and opens the "FingerText" pane.
    F1 closes it and brings back the "folder as workspace" pane, and the cycle goes on.

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