Strange message in notepad. Or is a virus ?

  • Hello!
    Today when i working in notepad i receive next issue.
    Suddenly a new tab was opened and the following was printed in it:
    "mondays are not so’s your job that sucks"

    I found same text into notepad++.exe
    That is it?¡!!!
    Notepad version is 7.4.2

    Wait for ideas.

  • This is an Easter Egg in Notepad++ and not a virus. You can see all the hidden messages here. I forget how to exactly trigger it but I’m sure you can search on google to find more details.

  • @Track77

    Well, what do you expect? Today IS Monday! :-D
    And…your job might…er, never mind…

    This easter egg thing is fairly difficult to invoke accidentally. The easiest way to invoke it accidentally might be to have the word random selected followed by a press of the F1 key. How likely is that? Well, maybe if you are programming and you are trying to get context-sensitive help (I’m used to Ctrl+F1 for this but maybe I’m old-school) on a language/library function for the generation of pseudo-random numbers? Okay, I guess I can see that happening!

    @dail points to the list of hidden messages; you have to scroll down into the range of lines from 5997 to 6201. The author of Notepad++ seems to have spent some time recently working on this region of the code and to that I have to say “meh…”

  • Thanks!
    Now Easter Eggs like this is not looks a good.
    After wannaCry and other ransomware viruses…
    Very bad idea to use it.

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