SRT and ASS file types

  • Is there any way to save SRT or ASS subtitle files after editing them? If anyone can give a reply I would appreciate it.

    If there is no current way please consider adding them as a file type in the future. Thanks.

  • For anyone else who runs into this issue its as simple as going into the srt or ass file that you opened and making whatever changes. After that click on the save icon (third from the left in the title bar) and this will save the file changes without altering its structure.

    My issue was i was using file then clicking save or save as (not icon) and it was trying to force me to pick a file type which would have altered the file structure. I might have been able to change the extension afterwards but since the different file type would have altered the document it wouldn’t have worked right later.

    Good luck all and thanks for the program.

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