• So, since I updated Notepad the change.log keeps appearing when I restart the application. Even when I close it it comes back. When I close some of my documents they don’t appear again, unless I open them.
    At my own risk I deleted the change.log, when I open the application after deleting it the application tells me that the folders where Notepad is supposed to be does not exist and asks if I want to create them. When I say now it doesn’t do anything, when I say yes it tells me it can’t create the folder. No matter what option I choose the application runs and my before opened document are there.
    So does anyone know how I stop the change.log to open in Notepad after I closed it, without deleting it?

  • Try reinstalling Notepad++, it may not have finished properly last time.

  • The problem of the reapearing change.log has been reported several times, do a search on this forum to find a possible solution.

  • @decoderman Thanks, reinstalling worked, now it’s not reappearing anymore!

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