View settings for "Find results" window

  • Are there any view settings specifically for the “Find results” window?

    Specifically, I would like to have the actual search string arranged all the way to the left, or at least make sure that I don’t have to scroll far to the right before I come across the actual thing I was looking for.

    This is an issue that is especially prevalent in documents with long paragraphs and in combination with search strings that yield a lot of hits, see screenshot below.

    Ideally (idk if this is the place to suggest features, but here goes) it should be possible to either have a “word wrap” display option, or, even better, a way to configure cut-off points (e.g. “show no more than x characters left and y characters right of the search string”)

    imgur screenshot of zoomed out find results with actual search string all over the place

  • Try View/Word wrap. It’s wrapping the lines to the width of the window without horizontal scroll bar.