What controls the font used in the tab bar?

  • I recently changed graphics cards temporarily, from an nvidia card to an AMD card, and then back to the same nvidia card. Although several things were messed up in Windows and in applications while using the AMD card, almost everything went back to “normal” when I switched back to the original nvidia card. However, one thing remains messed up: the font used in the tab bar of Notepad++ is now smaller than it was before I did all of this graphics card swapping. I have been unable to figure out what controls the size of this font. I tried unchecking “Reduce” in the “Tab Bar” settings on the General preferences page, but that seems to result in the use of a different font that doesn’t look very good (in my opinion, of course).

    So, please help me figure out what might have happened to the font size used in the tab bar, and how to fix it.

    Thank you!

  • @jeffwestfahl
    hard to tell without screenshot, but i remember a similar problem and possible solution posted here some time ago.
    maybe (hopefully) just your windows dpi scaling was changed by the drivers.

    to test this exit notepad++
    run following command line, start menu search field, in the run menu or in cmd:


    then check that you are on 100% scaling
    restart notepad++

    if it already was on 100% or it doesn’t get better, repeat and play around with a different dpi scaling % factor to see if you can get close to the tab/font size you were used to.

    (also combine different dpi settings with switching the reduce tab bar option inside notepad++ off and on again)

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