Compare plugin not working for v7.5.1

  • It looks as if the Compare Plugin is getting stuck in Notepad++ version 7.5.1. Once the compare is initiated, it runs partway then stops.

  • Looks like it’s working correctly. The files I am comparing are very large, so it didn’t work initially. It worked after the third try.

  • @Michael-Odom
    if you have to compare and/or merge specific lines of really large files, you are better off by using winmerge

    it also lets you compare whole directories with many filters, e.g.: it finds all php or log or any other types you need in directory a and b, shows you all files which differ and highlights the difference of all lines including that it marks the changed words if a specific line has been alterated just slightly, and allows you to merge/replace specific single changes from one file to another, just by using a mouse click or drag

  • @Michael Odom,

    Compare Plugin v2 uses a progress bar to indicate the comparison state.
    I find it more convenient than other tools.

  • @Meta-Chuh

    Compare does diffs at a word level and lines up matching lines even if all words do not match. Not WinMerge, UltraCompare, or ExamDiff Pro, at least not that I have found. Compare’s 32/64 bits only issue I have is it will not compare large files with lot’s of diffs. I’m comparing a 6.5mb file to a 11.5mb file. If copy each file and make a change to the copy, then compare to the original, no problem.

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