Very confused by Marking options, they don't seem to do anything

  • here are the markdown options in the macro configurator
    102 - 113 I think I can figure out
    114 - 125 make no sense and seem to do nothing, I need help understanding what they’re supposed to be for.
    Also where do I find the “Find Next xxx Style” and “Find Previous xxx Style” options?

    102 Mark…
    103 Using 1st Style
    104 Using 2nd Style
    105 Using 3rd Style
    106 Using 4th Style
    107 Using 5th Style
    108 Clear 1st Style
    109 Clear 2nd Style
    110 Clear 3rd Style
    111 Clear 4th Style
    112 Clear 5th Style
    113 Clear all Styles
    114 1st Style
    115 2nd Style
    116 3rd Style
    117 4th Style
    118 5th Style
    119 Find Style
    120 1st Style
    121 2nd Style
    122 3rd Style
    123 4th Style
    124 5th Style
    125 Find Style

  • @Chris-Rudd

    I’m not sure what you mean by “macro configurator”, but…

    If you look the Search menu entries, beginning at Mark…:


    …and compare it to your list, you should see a one-to-one correspondence:

    Mark… : 102 Mark…
    Mark All -> Using 1st Style : 103 Using 1st Style

    Mark All -> Using 5th Style : 107 Using 5th Style
    Unmark All -> Using 1st Style : 108 Clear 1st Style

    Unmark All -> Using 5th Style : 112 Clear 5th Style
    Unmark All -> Clear all Styles : 113 Clear all Styles
    Jump up -> 1st Style : 114 1st Style

    Jump up -> 5th Style : 118 5th Style
    Jump up -> Find Style : 119 Find Style
    Jump down -> 1st Style : 120 1st Style

    Jump down -> 5th Style : 124 5th Style
    Jump down -> Find Style : 125 Find Style

    114 - 125 make no sense and seem to do nothing

    Jump up is an arguably dumb way to say “find above the caret”. Likewise, Jump down is a bad way to say “find below the caret”. Thus your 114 - 125 is a way of searching for colored (styled) text in your document. Find Style is especially bad verbage; it will find (red)marked text that has become highlighted through use of the “Mark…” command. I’m not sure how the naming of these commands originally was allowed to be so horrid (my opinion only, folks!), but you can change this menu text to be anything you want (I did).

    I think that answers everything you asked about.

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  • @Chris-Rudd

    here are the markdown options in the macro configurator

    Ah, what you are calling the “macro configurator” is actually the Shortcut Mapper…and your numbers are what appears in the leftmost column of the Main menu tab.

  • I agree with you, names are very confusing in the shortcut mapper.
    I fixed it last year but it was explicitly rejected by @donho. Maybe he will reconsidered it.

  • @cmeriaux

    I fixed it last year

    I see that in version 7.5.1 @donho has integrated your Shortcut mapper changes–is this what you mean by “fixed it last year”?.

    For those that don’t know:

    • the Main menu tab has a new Category column which corresponds to what menu a command can be found in (e.g. File, Edit, Search, etc)
    • the Plugin commands tab has a new Plugin column which tells which plugin the command comes from – very helpful!
    • the Scintilla commands tab has ALL shortcuts listed (for Scintilla commands that have multiple keycombos tied to them), e.g. where before SCI_CUT would have shown only Ctrl+X it now shows Ctrl+X or Shift+DEL

    Relevant screenshots below:




    @cmeriaux , thank you for these contributions (

  • Thank @Scott-Sumner :
    I was talking about the translation ID 43033 … 43043

    <Item id=“43033” name=“1st style”/>

    I renamed it as “jump up to 1st style”. That would removed the confusing things in Shortcut Mapper but the modifications was rejected by donHo.
    See the PR and comments

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