Mark sentence without .

  • Hi !

    I’ve got sth like this:

    <content contentuid="h00993567g99f6g4d0fg88ffg933b84d61b30">Bla bla bla.</content>
    <content contentuid="h009ab045gf72ag4c8bg8a34g30f26277a7f7">Character name</content>
    <content contentuid="h009c5261g7d14g4c2bg911cgf45c7a0424db">Place name</content>
    <content contentuid="h009cd0cfga9a4g4e6cgbf68g03ac2f570140">*narrator in my mind.*</content>

    I want to mark lines with sentences that ending at dot (or those without a dot) also ending at .*
    I was reading some threads with replace but still can’t mark it.

    Sorry for my eng! ;)

  • @Tomi858

    so you are looking for something like this?

    Then use regular expression and below term in find what box



  • God… I had extended search mode, not regular… Thanks so much ! <3

  • Also how to find lines ending at "." if '’ is random sign ?

  • I assume it isn’t really variable but a predefined set of possible characters, if so
    you can build an alternation class like this


    This class would look for either a period, a asteriks, a dash or a colon.

    If you ask yourself why this backslash appears then it is because regular expressions uses
    special chars for doing something special :-)
    Like the period is used as a placeholder for ONE char and the asteriks is used as a multiplier.
    And if you want to search for those chars literally you need to escape them by putting a backslash
    in front. Now you see, that backslash itself is a special char too and in case you want to look for
    a backslash you need to put another one in front.

    If you want to understand more about regular expression I would recommend reading


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