[Bug] Search in open files - jump to occurence

  • Hey there, I noticed a bug in the current version of Notepad++. At least I’m pretty sure it’s a bug :). If I do a search in all open files and the search term is found in a very long line (with many many characters in that line), it’s not possible to jump to the position nor jump to that file with a click on the search results. The click / double click is simply ignored. I verfied the problem by putting a CR in that line directly after the occurence of the search termn. Afterwards the jumping to the file and position worked as expected. If necessary I can also provide you with an example line.

  • @thexmanxyz

    if you already did the research when and how it is happening then it would be nice if you could describe
    what needs to be done to replicate that issue in detail.


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